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Kicking on Kickstarter 27/2/2013

Kicking on Kickstarter 27/2/2013 Well I thought I’d do a round up of all the kickstarters out there at the moment for the Gamer that have taken my interest of late. So far I have only gone in at the £1 level on the Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter but I will be looking to up that one when I decide what it is I want from it since...
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eBay has 1 day to go

eBay has 1 day to go There is only about a day to go so if your after something then get over and put on your bid! Here’s some of the things up on offer so if you want something go over to my ebay site and make your bids! Wargaming Books Citidel Journal Issue 39 Citidel Journal Issue 40 Miniatures Chaos Jugernaught Eldar Dark...
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