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Time for an Update

Time for an Update So I’m gathering that people have noticed that there has been a lack of posts up on here of late… That is my fault. First up my home laptop has been playing up so I’ve been running it as little as possible but this does mean that I haven’t been able to change photo sizes or take time...
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Ink not Paint

Ink not Paint So for those who don’t know me I’ve been a collector of many different things over the years from an extensive Book and DVD collection, Videos back in the day, Comics which is heading towards 4500 issues, Comic Artwork including original pages as well as hundreds of sketches which I have a...
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Scheming for the Future

Scheming for the Future So I’ve been thinking of where to go with this site… I have a lot of figures I want to put up here after I get some time to get some good photos of them as well as some ideas for Story Encounters that I want to flesh out and see what people think. I have decided that a post a week will get me...
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