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Swampland Tau Update

Swampland Tau Update After looking for a way to fix the issues I had with the dull coat I’ve went over them with a gloss and it seems to have fixed it all! After waiting for them to dry, here are some photos of the fixed figures. As always go to my flickr page for full size images. I need to get a new Dull Coat now to...
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Tau Swampworld Cadre

Tau Swampworld Cadre I am only just getting back into 40k after being absent from it since early 2001. So it’s been a while for me and also I haven’t painted since at least 2006/7 so I am trying to relearn the dipping of the brush so to speak… That being said here is the start of my Tau Cadre. Let me know what...
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BOW Tips: Glorious Searchlights

BOW Tips: Glorious Searchlights Beasts of War are back with a tip on Searchlights. Since I have gotten back into the wargaming hobby again I have been watching these religiously so let me know what you think. Check out their YouTube Channel
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Nid Week Continues

Nid Week Continues Beasts of War have been doing a heap of Videos on the new Tyranid Codex which was released late last week and they have been going in depth with anything Tyranid. I haven’t played anything from the Nid’s since Second edition of Warhammer 40 000 where I had an undefeated Genestealer Cultist army....
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