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I have been interested in tech, comics and gaming for the last 20 years. Not just a Podcaster, I also designed and maintain the Kryptographik, Welcome to Heavenside, The Furnace and this web site.

I’ve dabbled in writing with back up stories in Revere and Titanium Rain.

Also I’ve done Comic Reviews for Dynamic Forces so you can see more of my writing there.

Along with co-hosting Kryptographik and hosting Welcome to Heavenside, he has been a guest on the Comic Timing, Comic Book Noise, Raging Bullets and Comic Book Page podcasts amongst also being mentioned on a lot of other podcasts.

For those who also listened to the Breachside Broadcast I was also one of the writers and voices on that show.

I had been wargaming for about 20 years and recently have had the urge to get back into playing and painting again.

I am Currently working on my evergrowing Malifaux collection along with Batman Arkham City Miniatures and have dug out all of my Blood Bowl teams.

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