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Posted by Lord Shaper on 4 March 2014
Tale of Malifaux Bloggers – Update Month 1 – Part 1

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers – Update Month 1 – Part 1

Well I’ve started is all I can say…

I gave myself a small break after the month and a half of making Terrain for Clash of the Tyrants and once I decided to start again with finishing my Sonnia box but since that finally done it’s ToMB Time.

As I stated earlier I am going to use Leveticus as my crew of choice.

So starting off in Month 1 I have $60 available to spend but as Levi is no longer listed on the wyrd site I’ve gone along with one of my local stores for prices.

So what do I get this month?

Model Cost Points # of Models
Leveticus box $45 28 7
Hollow Waifs $14 4 2

Going off the spreadsheet I’ve put together this month I get the boxed set following by a blister of Hollow Waifs giving me $1 spare to roll over to next month (yay!)

Now going for full disclosure I have had a Leveticus for a number of years waiting for paint but he never made it to the table. So when I got him out he looked like this:

Levi Primed
Click for a larger image

Now I have changed what I wanted to do with basing over the years and generic dirt and grass is something I’m not going to do with this crew… I’ve now decided that all of my Outcasts and Ressers are going to go onto some flagstone bases so I got out the ones I’ve had sitting around waiting to be used from Fenris Games and went through the tedious task of taking off the old bases to put on the new ones…

I do have a selection of the Flagstone and Ruined Flagstone which gives a great mix for the dilapidated city of Malifaux.

I did realised with the crew I only had pinned the Waifs and Rusty Alice which made it an experience to get the ones with the tabs still on them which is truly something I don’t want to do again…

So after cleaning everything up and putting pins in those missing them I have then ready to have the paint started…

Levi Rebased
Again click for a larger image

Now to get some time to start that as well as getting a game in with them!

I’m hoping for at least 2 more posts one with my gaming experience with him and one with some painting (which I think will come first)

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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