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Posted by Lord Shaper on 27 February 2014
Building Malifaux

Building Malifaux

So recently I ran a tournament at Clash of the Titans which is hosted by the Cherrybrook Tech Adepts where Malifaux was being ran for the first time.

With that I wanted to do something different and put the idea of the streets of Malifaux out on a board. Now as this was the first time that I’ve built a board for myself I had to figure out the idea for myself.

First up I picked up some MDF and at the store I was able to get them to cut it to a 3×3 board and then into quarters so I could store it easier. Then came the planning… I found on a facebook group that you can find cobblestone roads from Leemax around Xmas time really cheap as they are used for Xmas displays. So with that, a lot of cardboard from Cornflakes boxes and a Garden of Morr from GW I was able to create the below board.

With that I wanted to add some buildings so I picked up 2 boxes of the Dust Tactics Warzone Tenements so I can make some buildings and I was also given a Wolsung Building from their kickstarter which fit in with it (which I still need to finish the second level for)

So with that being said here’s the images of how I did it. Feel Free to click on the images for larger pictures.

If you have any questions or information on doing it differently next time left me know in the comments.












Streets of Malifaux

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