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Posted by Lord Shaper on 13 November 2013
Scheming for the Future

Scheming for the Future

So I’ve been thinking of where to go with this site… I have a lot of figures I want to put up here after I get some time to get some good photos of them as well as some ideas for Story Encounters that I want to flesh out and see what people think.

I have decided that a post a week will get me back into writing for this site (since I have been keeping being regular on The Furnace).

In the past 2 months I’ve managed to paint up my Raspy, Tara and a Ramos crew as well as 9 figures for my Joker crew as well and some random Puppets for my Puppet Guild and Puppet Pandora crews.

Also I’ve jumped on the Aliens vs Predator and Games and Gears Battle Boards Kickstarters which are proving to be interesting for anyone who first wants to see how Space Hulk should have been and secondly have been looking for a game board of their own at a great price. I am hoping that we could see a 3×4 board rather than a 6×4 but beggars can’t be choosers at this point!

Otherwise I haven’t played a game since MOAB where I was good enough to win all my three games and to take out first place.

So since I seem to be getting incoherent at this point already I’m going to leave it here and over the weekend get some new photos and plan the update for next week!

Let me know in the comments what you would like to see!

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