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Posted by Lord Shaper on 4 November 2013
A Chill over Malifaux

A Chill over Malifaux

Well time has gone by and I haven’t had a chance to post anything… Mainly due to my camera dying and the only photos I was able to get was with my old phone…

That being said I updated from my iRiver to a iPod Touch which gives me a better camera than what I had been using previously and if you have been following me in twitter or facebook you would have seen the numerous thing I have been taking photos of while painting.

That being said over the past 2 months I’ve been taking part in a number of painting contests on Facebook where I painted my new plastic Rasputina crew for a change.

As well as normally painting and basing the figures I used one of the Tablewar bases I had ordered a while back to put them on as well.

So have a look and let me know what you all think, if anyone is still following this site that is!

2013-09-11 10.36.07

2013-09-11 10.36.20

I thought that going for more of a brown on the Wendigo would make a nice change of all of the white ones we see out there. I also want to be able to paint brown better, it gave me a chance to practice.

2013-09-11 10.34.30

2013-09-11 10.34.41

2013-09-11 10.33.47

2013-09-11 10.33.58

2013-09-11 10.33.02

2013-09-11 10.33.12

With the Ice Gamin even tho I went for the blueish colour to them I didn’t want them carrying more ice and so I went with them carrying chunks of stone in which they can beat their enemies.

2013-09-11 10.32.26

2013-09-11 10.32.35

I’ve always been a fan of the sculpt of the December Acolyte and with a new one to come in plastic down the track I picked up the old metal one before they disappear. Personally I think the coat came out fantastically well and as you can see on Rasputina below I tried to get the same effect going on her coat as well.


2013-09-11 10.31.43

2013-09-11 10.31.54

2013-09-11 10.31.00

2013-09-11 10.31.12

The Ice Golem is one of my favourite sculpts and far outshines the original. I took it up from a dark blue to white in parts and trying to give the more exposed pointy parts a white end and the core of the body being a darker blue as if the spikes are slowly melting away and reforming. Also I didn’t like the huge part for his arm so I’ve left that one off and the connection point was carved down so it looks better.

2013-09-11 10.29.44

2013-09-11 10.30.18

And there finally is the gang all together on the Tablewar base which I think looks great…

Let me know in the comments what you think!

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