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Posted by Lord Shaper on 4 January 2013
6 Days Left for Through the Breach

6 Days Left for Through the Breach

Well we are in the last week of Through the Breach and Wyrd has announced some games for this last week…

First off they are wanting everyone who can to share, like and retweet the Through the Breach logo to add towards Santana being available for both the $224 and $125 level backers… Also they have announced some new stretch goals, 1 of which was hit roughly 20 minutes ago to me writing this.

So if you haven’t joined in yet and have been thinking about it go over to Kickstarter and make your Pledge.

Here’s the new Stretch Goals:


The following stretch goals are added automatically to every reward pledged at $125 or more (Living Room, Dining Room, and Gaming Room), unless otherwise noted.

$50,000: Special Edition Fate Deck Cards will be Plastic – ACHIEVED

$100,000: One (or one additional) Special Edition Fate Deck – ACHIEVED

$150,000: One (or one additional) Male or Female Multi-Pose Mini (random gender) – ACHIEVED

$195,000: A Special Edition Fate Deck added to the Core Set Pledge level ($60).

$200,000: A Pad of Character Sheets and a Custom Through the Breach Fate Master Screen

$205,000: A Digital Version of the Books (at $60 pledged or more)

$215,000: Those who would be receiving a random Male or Female multi-pose kit will instead receive both a Male and Female multi-pose kit.

$250,000: One Special Edition Hanging Tree Mini. This miniature is of the most prominent landmark in all of Malifaux, originally made available at Gen Con 2012.

$300,000: ???

SANTANA CLAUS: This special stretch goal isn’t based on the total pledge level. Instead, if we reach 500 or more points on the “Ye Old Back-O-Meter One Thousand” the Game Room level ($225 or above) will gain a Limited Edition Santana model to the Game Room pledge level! If we get 750 points, Santana will be added to the Dining Room and Living Room ($125) pledge levels. If we get 1000 points, she’ll also be added to the Core Set ($60) pledge level!

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