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Posted by Lord Shaper on 13 August 2012
Building a Better Supply Wagon

Building a Better Supply Wagon

So with my new love of playing Collodi and Zoraida I wanted to do something special for my the crew in a personalised Supply Wagon. With that I wasn’t sure what I should do for it.

That being said I went through all the usual ideas of some form of wagon and tossing those ideas before because they have been done before…

So what did I think of…

Well my first idea was some form of large puppet so we have the theme going through and when thinking I could go for a nutcracker or some other form of toy soldier I thought ‘What would Zoraida Build” and with that thought an idea was born.

A Wickerman…

Some form of Wickerman to be led by smaller dolls towards where they needed to go.

So first up it was looking for pictures of different typed where there was many… Also I found this great guide at on how to make one. So I took these ideas and with the image you can see in the title I went to make my Wickerman.

First up I needed a frame so with a lack of wire I had some plastic tubing I had used to extend Bolter mussles sitting there so I drilled out the end of them and used paperclips to make the bends for arms, legs and also pinned it to the base.

After that had dried I rolled out some Greenstuff and started to mold the body and legs how I wanted them to. This is when I realised that I was going to have to work fast on it as I didn’t think about the Greenstuff drying before I started putting the sticks onto it.

Also you can see in the image below the Head which was a bit from a Ogre Kingdom’s Wolf or Boar Rider’s Banner (The banner is for my Deathwing which may see the light of day at some point)

As the head seemed to be of a crocodile type of creature I cut it at one of the joins and put the part I cut off unde it to form the bottom of the jaw. This in turn by accident gave the eye sockets some eyes I could use for it as well so I was pleased that worked out.

In the below photo you can see how I started to put the sticks around the leg. All I did here was pushed them into the Greenstuff while it was drying and that’s all that was needed to hold it in place.

Also with them I didn’t cut the sticks as I wanted to have it look as it was breaking or was snapped when assembling it so all I would do was roughly measure how long each piece would be and from there snap it and put it in place.

I continued to do it throughout both legs, torso shoulders and eventually down the arms.

This is where I got slack at taking photos… I had recieved some of Zoraida’s Puppets that we sent to me by Spencer from Cheated Fates Radio and with those I added them to the Wickerman to be leading him as well as crawling over him.

And here is the finished product. I added some tufts of grass I had for hands and to also be ‘kindling’ in the mouth and behind the back of the head (to cover a gap) and the only thing I can see I’d like to possibly do is trim the kindling at it’s mouth but at the moment I haven’t.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

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  1. i_was_like_you says:

    Makes an impressive Bad Juju, as well.

    With thinner sticks, this is roughly how I’ve been planning on making my Waldgeists.


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