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Posted by Lord Shaper on 28 March 2012
A Sideshow on the Horizon

A Sideshow on the Horizon

Well it’s been a while but I’ve finally had some time to get some photos and time to post something here. Of late I’ve been playing some different crews to my general Guild by bringing in Arcanists and Neverborn….

Yes I said Neverborn…

Well I have’t started with Pandora or the Dreamer yet I was intrigued with Collodi… and if your going to play Collodi you need to bring the Hag herself with her Doll making skills.

I thought about how I was going to do Collodi’s crew and decided on doing a Harliquin theme of Red and Black… The Wicked Dolls I did as if they were dirty evil sacks made by the hag with whatever she could get her hands on the same as the Voodoo Doll.

I’ve really been enjoying playing this crew. There’s a lot of movement that Collodi can bring as well as if you get a few Maniquins in in melee and get Collodi to give them fast and Melee Expert and there can be 15 attacks from 3 of them which can really cut someone up.

I still need to do more with Zoraida apart from summoning and obeying…. maybe taking her avatar once I finished painting her.

Anyway time for the photos!

Feel free to leave any comments on your thoughts and click for larger images.

I still have 3 more Wicked Dolls to paint, aZoraida and a 3rd Stitched but I should have them done soon and then I’ll have everything ready for a tournament at the end of next month!

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