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Posted by Lord Shaper on 22 February 2012
Dead Justice and Dead Judge Completed

Dead Justice and Dead Judge Completed

Well I yet again have been delayed by life when wanting to do some more updates since I took a heap of photos of my latest painted figures (that being said I mean since last November).

This time we have the last couple of figures from my Dead Justice crew which was Justice herself and The Judge… I really had fun doing these 2 and getting the hair right on Lady J was one that I really wanted to pull off… I tried some different ways of doing it by starting with a Brown and bringing it up from there to get it to the dirty red of a decapitated Justice…

The Judge I kept differently than the previous one I have so I can have that Lady Justice vs Dead Justice thing going on… Again I wanted him to be painted dirty… as if he was raised from the grave after having the building fall on him rather than both him and J surviving it.

The Base inserts I picked up from Fenris Games on ebay and are part of their Apocalyptic insert set which I used for all of my Dead Justice crew.

Next all I need to do is start building my converted Lucius but I have a tonne more to get done first!

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