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Posted by Lord Shaper on 1 February 2012
Kirai back from the Dead

Kirai back from the Dead

Well I’ve been busy with Holidays taking care of the kids, painting like a daemon and planing for the last couple of months and I haven’t had the chance to post much.

That’s going to be stopping now as I have finally managed to pull out the camera and take some not so good shots of all of the figures that I’ve finished.

Also if you go to the Hobby Tracker I have updated the sheet to Bill from the Dead Tau Project’s version which can track more Malifaux relevant information. so I can see what I’m having more success with in Strats and Schemes.

So for this first post I’m going to show you all my finished Kirai crew… I now have 2 Shikome, 5 Senshin, 2 Gaki, 2 Onryo and the Datsuba with 2 more Gaki and Onryo to be built as well a aKirai to be painted.

I can also throw in 1 Madness (2 more to be built, converted and painted) and 4 Night Terrors if needed.

As always click on the images for larger versions and let me know what you all think!

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4 Responses to “Kirai back from the Dead”

  1. Bill says:

    Looking good! I like the black/grey on the Gaki and Datsu’s dirty dress. Kirai looks very good in the red.

    I am considering snagging the red scheme you have for Ikiryo but I want to make my Ikiryo match my aKirai when I paint her up.

    The crew looks great as a whole!

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    @Bill Thanks for that… Go ahead and pinch the scheme… if you want me to email you what I was using let me know.

    When I get to the aKirai I’m going to be doing the green spirit type of colour I did with the Lost Love so it ties in that way. The the Kirai on the ground will have the same colours a the normal master.

  3. Malcontent says:

    I love the ‘mint’ (for want of a better word) colour used for the Lost Love and Seishin, really like the way they’ve turned out.

    I had the intention to do my own Shikome in a similar dark skin tone to yourself – that’s looking very intimidating.

    Great looking crew!

  4. Lord Shaper says:

    @malcontent Thanks for the compliment on the ‘mint’ colour on the Spirits… I didn’t want to go Blue like others have and since then have added the same green to my Hanged so it’s the same across the board for most spirits.

    As for the Shikome I started painting them without a scheme in mind and went with a light grey and numerous black and brown washes until I got the base I was after.

    I’ve found they either always work or always don’t… but I’ve only used them twice so far.

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