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Posted by Lord Shaper on 21 December 2011
December’s Blessing Results

December’s Blessing Results

Well I have a slight break in life taking over my posting to put up the results from the December’s Blessing Tournament that I ran out at Unlimited Hobbies.

Thanks for everyone who came it was a great day!

Also since there were 7 people I managed to get some games in for once as well which is a rare thing heh.

Tiny just came through with the win since it was Domination where it was a tie for TP and Diff…

As usual I did badly and actually didn’t keep my middle of the pack results.

Also Sam with his fantastic Colette crew came out the winner of the painting contest and took home a Miss Demeanor.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was a lack of Neverborn since we had 2 Colette Crews, 2 Seamus, Hamelin, Som’er Teeth Jones, Viktoria’s and I brought out Sonnia.

Here’s some Random shots from the day as well

Final Result are here:

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