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Posted by Lord Shaper on 24 November 2011
Updates, Updates and More Updates and What I’ve Been Up Too…

Updates, Updates and More Updates and What I’ve Been Up Too…

Well I’ve been quiet for a while which hasn’t been intentional but I have been busy… Work and other things have taken off and stopped me from getting anything posted on here.

I have managed to keep updating The Furnace if your a Comic fan but that’s something I can just search for information and not to do with taking photos etc…

For Now Dead Justice is finished with Photos to come of Lady J and the Judge for part 2 of my posts and I’ve also ordered a Lucius to modify and add to the crew as well which will be the last part.

aJustice has been greenstuffed and undercoated and waiting for painting.

Also with figures waiting for painting I have about 45 figures waiting for painting with 3 avatars to be done and the 3 currently on the painting table are Sebastian, the Copycat Killer and Alt Seamus which I’m hoping to finally get started on over the next couple of days.

I also took part in Tiny’s Tournament – Ortega Your Money at Sylvania where I came 7th out of 14 people with 2 wins and 2 losses… it was a very average day at the end of that!

Also I’ve been hunting around my Bitz box just to see what figures I can make and I’ve had enough random bitz that for a change I’ve put together a Black Templar Terminator Marshall as an experiment and also because I liked the idea of the Terminator with Storm Shield and Chain Fist.

I don’t see much happening with them unless someone wants to donate me some marines so I can fill it out…

I might get back to finish building my Deathwing soon as well so I can have then built.

Apart from that my Hobby Tracker is still being updated if you haven’t checked with Molly’s box built as well as some more Night Horrors. I’d like to finish my Molly/Seamus crew in the next couple of weeks if I can just get past Sebastian…

Apart from that here’s a camera phone photo of Dead Justice and as soon as I get a chance I’ll get some better ones done.


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