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Posted by Lord Shaper on 21 October 2011
Dead Justice – Nightmares in Malifaux – Part 1

Dead Justice – Nightmares in Malifaux – Part 1

Upon getting the Nightmare Lady Justice Boxed Set that was only available from the Wyrd Website During Gencon (as well as at the Con for those who could go) I wanted to make a separate Dead Justice crew which could be expanded out to 35 Soul Stones worth and have some extras that could be swapped in and out.

So first you look through the available figures to see what you can use.

First things I looked at was the what I would always like to take with the Boxed Set for games, And Austringer and Executioner.

Those 2 give you some better ranged and a nasty hitter that also can take care of corpse counters (but should he effect his own crew?)

Also something that is always nice is some more cheap models so Guild Guard are one of the better all around figures to add for shooting and with a melee attack.

So what do we do?

Well I’ve painted up the Death Marshals from the Dead Justice box as you can see below and when looking at Guild Guard you can’t go past using Guild Autopsies to add. It’s also good because I do have a large Resser collection so they become cross purpose like the rest of the Dead Justice Box.

For converting the Executioner I assembled the model and then broke out my pathetic greenstuff skills. I was talking in the Malifaux IRC room (found on Darkmyst as #Malifaux) about how to convert him and it was mentioned to me to try having bloated pockets of gas and lumps forming so I added a couple on his stomach, under his chin and also overflowing from one of his elbows.

The Austinger was easier to do. Cut his head off, Replaced it with a Ghoul head and replace the Raptor with a Vulture from the Graveyard Accessories blister (which in turn gives me another Raptor to give to Marcus when they release the cards for them) and your done.

Part 2 should have The Judge and Dead Justice herself finished and eventually I’ll have a part 3 with a converted Lucius to add to it.

Anyways, Click on the images for larger versions and let me know what you think.

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3 Responses to “Dead Justice – Nightmares in Malifaux – Part 1”

  1. @cfallsgamer says:

    I am really loving these conversions Damian! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. After seeing these models around I have been thinking of trying to get my hand on a box. What really got me thinking was when you mentioned your Resurrectionists. I was wondering if you could do a part where you discuss what models you might add to a crew from that faction to the Nightmare Dead Justice box.

  2. mythicFOX says:

    Good looking stuff mate. Inspires me to put more hobby stuff up on my blog.

    Loving the Austringer. Why am I so tempted to convert one with an Angry Bird plush now?

  3. i_was_like_you says:

    Makes me want to convert even more of my models over. My Miss Terious will certainly be a Dead Marshal, giving me a dead Perdita and a dead Lady J in the same crew. Maybe I’ll zombify Sonnia and Samael to use as Guards / Autopsies.

    I’d love to get my hands on a Santana Ortega, but as I’m not a henchman, nor am I willing to shell out $100+ on ebay for one(unless I can justify it by selling another nightmare edition model to pay for it), she’ll be the one that got away.


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