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Posted by Lord Shaper on 13 October 2011
Tournament – Ortega Your Money

Tournament – Ortega Your Money

Location: Southern Battle Gamers. The Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club Box Road.….=8&Itemid=6
When: Sunday 13th November
Masters: Ortega Your Money is a fixed faction event, you choose your faction at the start of the tournament and may choose masters and minions available to that faction each game.
Soulstones: 35ss scraps.
Rounds: Ortega Your Money is a 4 round event.
Pairings: The first pairing of the day will be a random draw. Pairings for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds will be seeded and where possible same faction match ups will be avoided.
Scoring: Scoring will be done using the Domination format from Gaining Ground, which is scored TP/DIFF/VP
Tables: The tables will be 3’x3’ and will have at least half the table covered in terrain where possible, tables will be set up before the event. Special events and terrain will not be used.
Proxies: Proxies for unreleased models allowed but must be painted, please make sure that the model you’re using as a proxy is similar to what the model would look like and is on the correct base. If you wanted to proxy other models please PM me or reply to this thread so we can work out if it’s too confusing or not.
Painting: There is no painting requirement for this tourney however there will be a prize for best painted.
Cost: $15 with all money going back to the players in prize support. Payment should be made before the event. The money should be direct deposited into the following account:

David Arrebola
BSB: 112879
Account number: 66623622
St George Bank
Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall and best painted. If we have enough numbers I’ll add more like a wooden spoon and most hilarious event in game. One player may not win more than 1 prize, so if you get first and best painted you will get the prize worth the highest monetary value.
Rankings: This tournament will be uploaded to rankingshq.
Winning: The winner of the tournament will have the next tournament named after the master they played the most games with.
Game 1: Shared Destroy The Evidence
Game 2: Shared Slaughter
Game 3: Shared Treasure Hunt
Game 4: Shared Claim Jump
Schemes: All schemes are unique and may only be taken once per tournament.

9:00am Check in/registration
9:30am – Game 1 Begins
11:15am – Game 2 Begins
1pm – Lunch
1:45pm – Game 3 Begins
3:30pm – Game 4 Begins
5:15pm – Pack up/ Winners announced/ Prizes distributed

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