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Posted by Lord Shaper on 7 October 2011
Who Brings the Counters?

Who Brings the Counters?

I have a question for all who read this to see what you think.

When playing Malifaux I generally have made up all the counters I need. Be it at Strategies that are requiring counters to when Playing McMourning and needing Body Parts and Corpse Counters. But one thing that I’m wondering is who should be supplying them.

Now I’m thinking more on a Tournament side than a Friendly but if I’m planning on taking my Guild for a Tournament I make sure I have Soulstone Markers, Corpse Counters, Burning Tokens, Snare Tokens and everything else that My Crew can possibly use.

If I’m facing someone that can use Poison and they haven’t brought any poison counters to keep track with do I need to provide them as well?

If I’m playing Seamus and have only 5 Corpse Counters can I make more?

If I’ve taken the time to paint my faction and bring everything that I could possibly need if someone else is playing with a metal and undercoated and hasn’t even brought some glass beads to be able to track what they are placing on my models does it even happen?

Yes I’m being old and cynical since I’m not in the best of moods but if I can print of Ratty’s counters and then bring them why can’t someone else. If I can get some glass beads and use them why can’t someone else do the same?


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8 Responses to “Who Brings the Counters?”

  1. Malcontent says:

    People by nature are lazy – or at least the majority – if my tournament experience is anything to go by. If people can’t even be bothered to paint their models what are the chances they’ve printed or made up counters?!

    For me, I would bring plenty of everything and keep it all in my bag. If your poison guy doesn’t have counters I would rather use some I had so I know what is poisoned – for my benefit rather than his – else the game could descend into farce as people can’t remember what did what or disagreements arise because he says he has collected 8 corpse counters not 5, etc, etc.

    Bottom line, assume your opponent will bring nothing. It will make your own playing experiences better.

  2. TheOneWhoFell says:

    I think the player should be responsible. The Resser in my group has cut up his old Heroclix and put them on 30mm bases for corpse counters (and he has enough to cover almost any size game)… then he cut up other clix for bodyparts… it’s quite amusing. I have pillars and red markers for Criid’s crew… The Levi player just started, but the Ramos player brings his own scrap counters.

    My LGS has bowls of glass beads kicking around that we use to mark territory (for reclaim Malifaux or whaterver)… I guess it hasn’t really ever come up.

    I know that was rambling, but I think the player should bring what he or she needs to play the game. In a Tournament setting, I think the TO should mention in the announcement that counters wont be provided so that folks who don’t play in your usual group will know to be prepared.

  3. Lord Shaper says:

    I’ve been in the situation that I’ve had to share a tape measure with an opponent because they didn’t bring one.

    Now when we play friendlys or if I’m demoing I’m giving new people Soulstone Counters as well as advising them on what they will need be it beads or what kind of counters they will be looking at using with each faction.

    Like with the last tournament I went to I had my Malifaux bag with all of my guild in it. I then took all tokens that I can need including eye totens incase I took Hoffman with the Coppelius.

    With that the Guild currently with models released don’t have any way to provide poison do I need to take poison counters?

    I had corpse counters for all the maximum figures I would have been taking in a 35ss crew as well.

  4. Mister Q says:

    It should be up to the player to supply tokens and markers that their team will need. I try and make sure I’ve got what I need so I expect other players to do the same. They don’t have to be fancy – different coloured beads are fine. Even scribbled bits of paper will do provided they’ve remembered to bring a pen.

    If they haven’t provided tokens then I don’t think I’d be reminding them about any effects that may be beneficial to their side. 🙂

  5. edonil says:

    I think it should be up to the players. How can the organizers expect how many people are going to show up in a day? If all the players bring what they need, then there won’t be any issues.

  6. Malcontent says:

    I agree, it SHOULD be up to players to bring what they need, but my concern would be that you’re more than likely to come across someone who doesn’t, and should you have to play a painful game as a consequence?

    I’ve lost count of the number of 40k tourneys I’ve been to where people have forgotten tape measures and dice!

    I would rather stick a second tape measure in my bag so that if I faced someone who forgot I’m not inconvenienced having to share mine. That, to me, would be more painful than taking a spare.

    Granted Malifaux is different as there are a stack of counters, but I would certainly bring the more common variety – maybe not blight or body parts as they are quite specific to individual masters.

  7. I think there are 3 possible sub-topics here. As mentioned in friendly games sharing counters and such with someone is just fine.

    As it relates to tournaments I am more of a hard liner and think if you don’t have the counters then you can’t use that ability. If there isn’t a physical representation to track it shouldn’t be allowed. It can and often will get just too messy and lead to confusion and arguments.

    The problem with the above statement is there is also a responsibility for the TO to include instructions or rules on bringing your own supply of counters and markers. Or they may have a readily available supply for people to use. Otherwise we get back to the confusion and argument statement all over again. Because your opponent could say he wasn’t told he needed to bring them.

    Those are my thoughts.

  8. ghostmech says:

    as a new starter in the game i have already found and printed all the counters i have found from rattys downloads
    this is before i evem get a crew
    coming from warmahordes i have quite a few counters already but i found they didnt look the part


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