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Posted by Lord Shaper on 7 September 2011
Dead Death Marshals Progress Post #1

Dead Death Marshals Progress Post #1

So one of my orders from Gencon has arrive with the big one waiting to get here…  (hopefully this week)

I’ve started painting up the Dead Justice box and really want to make them as a unique crew. I’m also going to be expanding it up with an Austringer and Executioner so I can play it at 35ss and modify them to fit the rest of the Dead Justice Box, if it works how I’m planning it to.

I’ve started with the Death Marshals first up as you will see below.

The Base inserts that I’m using are from Fenris Games and are their Post-Apocalyptic set which I’m using the ones that can have either fallen wall sections or a cobblestone style of base so it fits in to where Lady Justice had the building dropped on her in the end of book 2.

With that I’ve decided to do some posts on the progress of what I’m doing with the Dead Justice set rather than here are the finished figures… Hopefully that will get some ideas on the conversions I will be doing and see what others think I should do.

I’m torn between going Blue or Green for the coffin flames but I’m also having a green skin on them like I do with my Hanged… Thoughts?

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