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Posted by Lord Shaper on 9 August 2011
Constructing the Constructs

Constructing the Constructs

So as I’ve shown before I have been making progress on my Guild and with the new Table here I decided to get my Finished Hoffman Crew out on it to have some photos taken.

I decided to go with a red armour for the constructs and then try to tie them in with the rest of my Guild. After starting I noticed a lot of red Hoffman crews out there but I went as Dark as I could so you didn’t get that “Iron-Man” feel to them as well. I’ve kept mainly with the Guild Constructs at the moment for them but I do have the Mobile Toolkit sitting on my painting bench waiting for some colour as well as an Arachnid Swarm but only the Toolkit is ready to be painted and I’m going to save the Swarm for after I finish my Neverborn/Ressers.

This is when I realise I have either too much money or too much time on my hands since I don’t need that many figures to play a game!

But on with the Construct Pictures!

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