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Posted by Lord Shaper on 21 June 2011
One, Two, Chompy’s After you

One, Two, Chompy’s After you

Well I’ve finished painting all of my Dreamer crew that I have at the moment. It was a good change after going through doing a ton of Resurrectionists and with them I decided to change up the colours.

Since it seems that there are a lot of Black/Grey – Black/Blue Lord Chompy Bits out there in the wilds of the internet I wanted to go a different way.

As you will see below I have kept my Neverborn Twins (Lelu and Lilitu) with a red skin colour so I wanted to bring this across with Chompy. Also with the Dreamer I wanted to have a correspondence in look with Chompy if that was possible. To do that I decided that Chompy’s skin should be the colour of the Dreamer’s Shirt and the Blanket of the Dreamer also matches Chompy’s Loin Cloth.

As you might notice I also have the Dreamer on a floating rock. With chatting with Weird Sketch in the Malifaux IRC Channel on Darkmyst I asked if the Dreamer, as he thinks this is all a dream, could basically do what he wanted here and twist reality to his will. With the Yes coming from Sketch I decided that the Dreamer, when he activated his Fly power he wouldn’t take off like Superman but have the ground come up with him like how you see the floating rocks in Avatar.

That was my first attempt at making something like that and I’m thinking I could do it better next time but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Anyway this is all the Neverborn I have at the moment… I have a heap to arrive but that won’t be for another week I’m thinking as some was out of stock…

Let me know what you think and click images to enlarge.


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5 Responses to “One, Two, Chompy’s After you”

  1. winter says:

    The Dreamer is looking fantastic!

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    he took a while to get built and the floating rock was done in 2 parts so I could build the top around the tab on his base since he was just too small to pin!

  3. D_Arquebus says:

    Very nice work man.

    Especially the thinking outside te box re the floating rock.

    I can see I’ll be having some interesting tactical challenges in the not too distant… 😛

  4. Rancor709 says:

    Looks outstanding mate. Really like the red and tying the crew together using that fantastic red and black body work. Very nicely done and the dreamer is coming swimmingly.

  5. Lord Shaper says:

    @D_Arquebus: there’s going to be lots of Challengers since I’m currently painting up the Hoffman set and have Pandora still to go… I’m just trying to figure out what I want to take to Sylvania next.

    @Rancor709 Thanks for that… I really wanted him to be different than what’s already out there. As I’ve found out since a lot of people are reminded of the movie Legend which I can see now but missed first up!


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