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Posted by Lord Shaper on 7 June 2011
Discovering the Evidence Modelling/Painting Contest

Discovering the Evidence Modelling/Painting Contest

If any of you guys have looked on the Wyrd Forum you might notice that I’ve started a Modelling/Painting Contest over on the Wyrd Forum.

Here’s what it’s all about.

Ok, first up this contest is run by me and not by Wyrd. They have given me permission to run it on the forums but that is all Wyrd has to do with it.

With Malifaux apart from the great models we have numerous counters that we need for games. I will be starting off with this contest to make up 4 themed Destroy the Evidence counters. I am looking for anything that fits in with any faction.

For Example I’m currently working on my ones which will have Phillip Tombers Diary, a Map Sonnia has made when travelling out to where the Red Star hit, an Ortega bad of Gremlin Skinning Equipment and some polaroid photos of Lady Justice.

**** You have until 11.59pm on 7th of July Australian Eastern Standard Time to have your entries in ****

What you have to do:

Finished Counters go in the Contest Thread.

We can have Work in Progress photos in the Contest Feedback thread.

You can submit one group of counters only.

You can post individual shots and an combind shot.

To verify the photos are yours, you are required to take 1 photo with your Counters in front of a monitor with my website

There will be 2 prizes

First Place will get a boxed set of their choice.

Second Place will get a blister of their choice.

Winners will be voted on by the Henchmen and announced on the 14th of July Australian Eastern Standard Time.

So get to modelling and put your entries in over at the relevant threads!

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