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Posted by Lord Shaper on 19 May 2011
Kirai me a River Results

Kirai me a River Results

So it’s been 4 days since I went to Kirai me a River in Sylvania and what a great day it was.

As the last tournament that I went to there was an over abundance of Guild turning up this time it was an over abundance of Resurrectionists but for something completely strange there was not a single double up on masters.

So for the day we had Ophelia, Kirai, McMourning, Nicodem, Semus, Colette, Lilith and Pandora which is a good spread of crews and odd that there were no Guild at all as generally there will be at least one of them.

Remember to click on the images for larger versions

So from that lot we had 3 games where I faced Kirai, Collette and Pandora.

Kirai was interesting to play as I badly chose schemes and since we were slow at playing the game with all the summoning going on we only reached turn 2 before time ran out and I was unable to assassinate Kirai but and if I remember correctly I lost 6-2

Second up was Collette which I knew was a fast crew and as we had a shared destroy the evidence I had to beat Collette to the neutral evidence and get it if I can survive against the Duet. So since we were going for evidence I chose Breakthrough and Claim Jump since I had my 3 counters in that section of the board.

This was a game that was going to be a fight over the neutral evidence. I surprisingly managed to get 2 Necropunks to it in the first turn followed by 2 dogs for back up as Steve got the Duet coming for me.

With the 2 Necropunks there within range of the Duet it lost it’s fast and he was able to kill one but the Hard to Die came into play leaving it sitting on the evidence. Then Cassandra came in to take out one of them and I managed to run her off as well as Collette trying to get in and then running away on her  reactivation. This gave me a chance for a Dog to get the marker for me while McMourning ran up the board and a slaughtered dog was turned into a Gaki by the Datsue-Ba who also joined with McMourning to get the Claim, the Evidence and to add for the Breakthrough.

By this stage I remembered that I have to bring Bete Noire out since there had been things dying but I kept forgetting but this could have been more of a blessing than anything else. McMourning sliced up a Preformer and she appeared and went in the chase for Cassandra. Cassandra managed to Bury her but due to the Datsue-Ba coming up and taking the dogs last wound to produce another Gaki, Bete was able to come out again and go back on the offensive.

The Duet went and claimed all of Collette’s evidence giving them 2 points but he was no where near McMourning to Steal a Relic and he did not get off his hidden scheme (which I can not remember what it was) leaving me winning the game 8-2.

So from there we go into the final game facing my new, and apparently everyone else’s, nemesis… Pandora.

Having never played against any of the masters on the day I didn’t think I’d have that much issue with her and then for Strategy I flipped Slaughter… I looked at all of her crew (Teddy, Candy, Cade, Doppleganer, Primordial Magic) and my heart sank which then is when I made the first mistake of the game. I forgot I could spend a soul stone to reflip… so I was trying to figure out how to win a slaughter.

He had Destroy the Evidence so he had to come to me and I thought I’d make him do it. For Schemes I too Frame for Murder (Datsue-Ba) and Bodyguard.  Basically this game came a game of denial with me sitting on his evidence in my deployment with McMourning and 2 Summoned Onryo while I ran the Datsue-Ba off to find Pandora.

Pandora got the Datsue-Ba down to 3 wounds but then started her 0 action jumping and didn’t finish her off.

The Game ended with me preventing her getting the last evidence and I only got any VPs from Bodyguard so we ended up having a draw at 2-2.

Hiding from Teddy

So that was it for the day with everyone having a great day.

Here’s the ladder at the end…

Name – Master – Diff/Vp/TP

1. Kurt – Ophelia – +16/20/9
2. Zed – Kirai – +2/12/7
3. Pete – Lillith – +1/9/4
3. Damian – McMourning – +1/12/4
5. Marty – Nicodem – 0/16/6
6. Eric – Pandora – -1/9/4
7. Steve – Collete – -5/15/3
8. David – Seamus – -14/4/0

So I came in equal 3rd and also with that I came out of it with a Lost Love which is currently sitting on my painting table to be done with Kirai…

I’m sure there was more I could have done there but I was going for the fun of it and that’s what I had.

Highlights of the day were as follows:

  • Declaring that I would win the next Activation against Pandora and flipped the Red Joker
  • a Gaki trying to eat Baby Kade
  • Bete Noire getting buried and coming back the next activation to Cassandra’s Surprise
  • Showing the Kirai player a new trick with the Datsue-Ba
  • and lastly catching up with the guys at Southern Battlegamers since I was a member of that Club when I lived down in Sylvania myself!

Finally I’m going to have a new poll (finally) with all the painted crews for the day so you can look at the images below and let me know what you think is the best painted crew.

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