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Posted by Lord Shaper on 11 May 2011
Resurrectionists – Kirai Crew Started

Resurrectionists – Kirai Crew Started

Well with all the talk of Kirai I decided to get a start on her crew while doing my Ressurrectionists.

These ones took a different style of painting than I’m used to with the introduction of Oranges and Browns which I rarely use (which was evident as I still have my original Hexogon GW Paint pots nearly filled with my Orange paints).

First up I did the Datsue-Ba who is a really nice figure but I was finding it interesting trying to follow where all the folds of cloth are going and I had to repaint a couple of parts that should have been another colour but not as many as I had to when painting up the Onryo!

I tried to get a glow effect on the lantern as well for the first time which came out ok but not great.

The Gaki I did in a similar palette to Bete Noire and these ones I really like how they turned out.  On further reflection on what I want to use with Kirai I’m going to need to get some more figures.

4x Shensin
2x Gaki
2x Onryo
1x Lost Love

Then I’ll be ready to start playing with her.

Next to paint is Ikiryo, Sebastian and my only Shensin.

Click for larger images and let me know what you think.

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