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Posted by Lord Shaper on 10 May 2011
Bete Noire and a Rotten Belle Finished

Bete Noire and a Rotten Belle Finished

So it’s time for some more for my McMourning Crew that I’ll be taking on this coming weekend to Kirai me a River with a Belle and Bete.

Bete was the first of my Resurrectionists that I painted and I really tried to give her a limited palette of Black, White and Red which is an idea that I haven’t taken through all of the crew but it was interesting figure to paint in both style, concept and also the sculpt.

From looking at images alone of Bete Noire online she felt like a very 2D image but when I placed her on the Cthulhu Cult Mansion bases from Fenris Games she was a joy to paint and there was nothing 2D about her.

Also in the couple of test games I’ve had with here she is fantastic by standing toe to toe with Lord Chompy Bits and not taking a wound!

Also we have my first Rotten Belle which I’ve taken inspiration from Sickstarr on DeviantArt for the concept of having the dirty face makeup but I don’t think I have pulled it off as well as I could as I had her umbrella attached before painting rather than after (you can see the image next to the article).

I really need to sort out some better lighting for my figures but hopefully I’ll be able to get some better ones on the weekend.

Click for larger as always.

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