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Posted by Lord Shaper on 31 March 2011
Malifoolery One – Planning Lists

Malifoolery One – Planning Lists

Well it’s getting close to Malifoolery One on this weekend and I’m toying around with what I’ll be running. I calculated that in total I have a total of 153 Soul Stones worth of Guild so I have plenty to choose from but only choosing 50 Soul Stones worth is an issue I’ve been finding.

So as the rules state you can have 50 Soul Stones worth of figures with your first master being free and any others costing 10 Soul Stones. I haven’t had any experience using any other masters apart from Lady Justice so I’m going to leave adding any other masters.

I really want to have Lucius in there as well but for 10 Soul Stones I know it wouldn’t be worth taking him for the 25 and possibly the 30 Soul Stone games so that is 10 Soul Stones that I could use somewhere else.

Now the issue I’ve decided with having a Soul Stone limit that you shouldn’t throw together 50 Soul Stones worth of figures and then try to figure out what to play but to build a 25 Soul Stone list and then add to it for 30 and adding again for 35 which will give you some spare room to add some variants to switch in and out depending on who your opponent has on the table.

With that being said I’m working on roughly taking these for my 50 Soul Stones worth.

Guild Crew
50 Soul Stones

Lady Justice
Drill Sergeant [3ss]
Death Marshal [4ss]
Francisco Ortega [5ss]
Guild Austringer [5ss]
Judge [7ss]
Ryle, Guild Pawn [8ss]
Samael Hopkins [8ss]
Watcher [3ss]
Witchling Stalker [4ss]

This totals out at 47 Soul Stones so I can still throw in another Totem (Scales or Proxy) to see if they can help.

I don’t know if I should be dropping some so I can add some more Witchling Stalkers, Guild Guards or Death Marshals.

What are your thoughts of the selection?

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8 Responses to “Malifoolery One – Planning Lists”

  1. winter says:

    No Nino?! Though you do have Samael and Ryle.

    The main fear I have with too many expensive models is getting out activated. Perhaps you could work in some more cheaper models? Also easier to move up through the point values.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    To be honest I haven’t used Nino yet and for the last Malifoolery I came out on top without him but getting Red Jokers on Damage for the Austringer had even a fresh McMourning falling to need a Resurrection himself…

    As I normally play against Gremlins among others I don’t have a problem with smaller forces but I can still get 6-7 figures at some point.

    I can always dump Samael as I haven’t used him either and that will give another Witchling and Marshal

  3. winter says:

    The thing with Nino is that CB 9 he can get so easily. You very rarely miss with that.

    Nino has been easily my best performer, though of course he had a lot of support. Still, he head shot Lord Chompy Bits and Teddy and that makes him cool in my book ;-).

  4. Lord Shaper says:

    I need to see where to fit him in then hehehe….

  5. docbungle says:

    Sod the tactics you have 153SS of guild ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE SS cost!!!

    Your challenge is to get them all on the board should be able to out-activate everyone!!!

  6. Lord Shaper says:

    Could you imagine playing 153 of Hamlin and rats?

  7. MiniatureWargameCo says:

    Hey Lord Shaper!

    Your contact page wont load 🙁 Could you please pop me an email, need to ask you something.



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