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Posted by Lord Shaper on 29 March 2011
Malifaux Rules Manual and Gaming Ground Released

Malifaux Rules Manual and Gaming Ground Released

We end up the month with a few gifts from Wyrd for Malifaux.

Today they released the PDF for the Rules Manual if you haven’t picked up the book yet so you can get that at the link below. Also with that they have released their Gaming Ground document which is the Tournament Rules they have been working on for a while.

Here’s the official release from Wyrd:

We told you about the important rules updates that occurred with the Rules Manual, and many of you have seen this book at your LGS and used it to play even more Malifaux games. To go along with these updates, we want to ensure that all Malifaux players have access to the official rules so that you can avoid disputes in your gaming groups and just have more fun. So we’re providing a PDF download of the Rules Manual. Some core items have been removed. To get all the information, you’ll still need to buy the book. But if you’re just looking for all the information, updates, errata, and FAQ in one file, this PDF will help.

Gaming with your friends isn’t enough? You’re ready for some full-fledged Scraps and Brawls, maybe even with prizes? We thought we’d provide that for you also. Gaining Ground 2011 is a PDF with all the information you need to take the rules and have a tournament. So grab your deck and Cheat Fate!

Malifaux Rules Manual 2011
Malifaux Gaining Ground document – PDF
Malifaux Gaining Ground document – Print Version

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2 Responses to “Malifaux Rules Manual and Gaming Ground Released”

  1. winter says:

    The tournament rules are quite full on in many ways. No proxies is the biggest issue for me.

    If they haven’t got a model out, they have no right to prevent people using something else. I guess they did say it was optional, so I guess we will just have to wait and see how anal people are about it 😉

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    You have to remember that is for Wyrd Run events…

    If I was running an event I can choose not to use that rule even though I’m a henchman.

    But for Wyrd running one at Gencon it will follow those rules.

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