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Posted by Lord Shaper on 23 March 2011
The Guild – Special Forces

The Guild – Special Forces

Ok, it’s been a while since I have had any painting shown here…

Life has been catching up with me and even though I have been getting it done I haven’t had the chance to get the camera set up and get the photos uploaded.

And that being said I really need to get a lightbox of some kind. At least I can colour adjust with photo shop before I upload.

As always click on the images to see larger versions!

So I have been working on finishing up the rest of the Guild I have and that was the Special Forces which includes Lucius (Henchman), Ryle, A Guild Lawyer, Guild Guard Captain and Guild Guard.

I had never thought much of the Guild Guard and only picked up a blister of them when I was looking at what I could do with Lucius as a Master. As Lucius is restricted in what he can hire you need them to fill out the crew. Now with that being said they really are good. Armour 1 does make a difference when being shot at and a + damage on their sword helps too.

So the Guild Guard are the main foot soldiers of The Guild no matter how much we like using Death Marshals and Witchling Stalkers.

To Support the Guild Guard and a good way to draw fire from them you have Ryle. If you read the Fluff Ryle is the brother of the new Master C. Hoffman and when he crossed the Breach he basically lost it as the magic of Malifaux hit him. With that he was ‘rebuild’ by Ramos and Hoffman is trying all he can to get his brother back.

The Next one up is the Lawyer. Now I haven’t used him yet as I’m still working out where I would use him.

The more I look at his abilities I can see him working well with Sonnia so there is the extra magic defense/attack but that’s something I need to playtest rather than plot out in my head. For some reason I couldn’t get the teeth right on him…

And lastly we have the man himself.

Lucius is one of my favourite models as well as works well in the game within any Guild Crew. Forcing a Negative flip on attacks against him, being able to reposition people in your deployment zone… and being rather nasty in close combat as well does help a lot.

That’s it for the Special Forces and all I need to finish up now for Malfoolery One is the Drill Sargent and I can start putting together some figures and figuring out various combination I can swap in and swap out since I can only take 50SS total.

Let me know what you think of them in the comments!

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5 Responses to “The Guild – Special Forces”

  1. Docbungle says:

    Loving the Ryle model!

    I also like the muted colour you used for Lucys mask

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    I am really happy with how Ryle came out… And Lucius’ mask came out like that by mistake.

    I went through the colours and it came out way to bright so when I went to dull it down and re-highlight it came out like that. I don’t think it’s as good as I could have done it any better unfortunately without going to some form of metallic.

    I was really hoping it was going to turn out like the Lawyers but alas it didn’t.

  3. docbungle says:

    I love a good accidental paint job!!

    I’m the the process of playing with metallic medium for some retribution models!! Hoping i can stumble upon something decent!

  4. Lord Shaper says:

    I finished up the Drill Sargent which still needs the gloss and dull coats done on him and I’m also working on some Mechanical Doves which I’m doing along the lines of Ryle’s arm…

    Also I’m having a go at a greyscale Bete Noire for something different to do which is turning out good atm…

  5. docbungle says:

    “Also I’m having a go at a greyscale Bete Noire for something different to do which is turning out good atm…”

    Look forward to seeing that my next project is a Seamus OR Nicodem crew so some Bette inspiration would be good


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