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Posted by Lord Shaper on 18 March 2011
Eric Johns Interview at Twilight Emporium

Eric Johns Interview at Twilight Emporium

With new general trips around the blogisphere I came across this interview with Eric Johns from Wyrd Miniatures over at the Twilight Emporium.

As you know I’m a Malifaux player and that it has become my main go to game but this interview has a ton of information on things that are up coming. We have mentions of Malifaux Book 3, Puppet Wars,  the new Rules Manual and a lot more.

Also with the new Rules Manual he states that the PDF download will be coming at the end of this month so people can check that out if they haven’t picked up the new book yet.

So with that I’d recommend everyone going over and reading the interview and here’s an except that I thought was interesting…

TE –  Are there plans to release models for the story-based encounters? It seems like this would be a excellent opportunity to do limited release models. It seems like any time a limited release is issued there are plenty on nay-sayers as well fans.

EJ – Yes, there is! In fact we are hoping to have our first “Scenario Pack” available at Gencon, which would include a whole story-line of encounters for players, as well as a miniature or two you won’t be able to get any other way. I’m not making any promises right now though, but it’s an idea we’re excited about!

And also here’s all the Puppets that have been shown so far!

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  1. docbungle says:

    Great find fella

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Thanks… That site is one that you should really look into for Malifaux information!

    it’s inspired me…

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