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Posted by Lord Shaper on 16 March 2011
Squats returning with Tau?

Squats returning with Tau?

Ok I’m not one to follow all the rumours that go around when people are either find out new armies coming out but this is one that has jumped out of left field which can be added to my Tau army if it’s true.

Squats coming back into 40K for the first time since 2nd Edition!

Yes you heard right… Squats!

And having them joining the Tau is something else I’d love to see…

Now just make the claim this is not something I’ve heard but something that was put up on Warseer by Stinger989.

Demiurg will be returning with the TAU!
depending on printing problems it is possible they will be slated for November 2011 moving the Necrons back

Demiurg will be a troop choice and have t4 s5(with battle axe) 5+ 5+FNP(intoxicating save) and SAP but will be allowed to charge 6″ instead of rolling
There is a squat HQ but no info yet.

Kroot are still in as well as the Firewarriors

Character unlocks crisis suits as troops and they have gotten much better.

So I’m putting this in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” basket but wouldn’t it be fantastic to see Squats back on the table?
I have friends who still have their old Squat armies so it will be good to see them coming out of moth balls.

As for the Character unlocking Crisis Suits as Troops, that to be honest seems to be the way that most codexes are going so they have variations of the armies… Look at the Deathwing for one and also what they are doing with the up coming Grey Knights…

Well that’s all I’m going to say about it so let’s wait for the book and see if I can believe it!

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