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Posted by Lord Shaper on 16 March 2011
Planning for Malifoolery

Planning for Malifoolery

So as you can guess I’m going to be playing in the Malifoolery One that I posted about yesterday. Well unless they need me as a Henchman…

So thinking about forces to take you know I’m going to be taking my Guild as I have only build the figures for my secret project and had 2 painted so far.

So looking at what we can do is going to be interesting in list building.

I have the most familiarity with Lady Justice so she will have to be my master. I can’t see running a second Master in the 50SS as cost effective as they will be dropping 10 points for a second master which will only give 40SS to build something that can work with multiple masters which I can’t see as being something that will give a strong list.

Next thing to think about is that I can take Lucius and if need be run him as a master since he does cost 10SS and can be used with or without Lady Justice.

So what else is something I can’t do without then?

the Judge is one figure who can do a lot of damage and works really well with Lady Justice as well. I still haven’t found someone to replace him and every time I do try the Executioner over The Judge I find he lacks something that the Judge can do.

At least One Death Marshal so we can use the Pine Box trick and also their slow to die has always been helpful since you can shoot at anyone if your not in Melee Combat. (So Rusty Alice shot him dead, well I’ll use Slow to Die and shoot that last Hollow Waif since Leviticus has killed himself already)

Then we need some Support…

An Austringer has saved my butt more than I’d like to mention so I’d have to add one of those. Nino is another who even though I haven’t used I can see the value of him. Ryle also is a monster with his 12 inch move and shoot as well as being devastating in Melee and add to that Armour and the ability to walk out of combat with Height 1 and 2 without  penalty is something you can’t miss.

So with that we have this as a running total.

Lucius 10
Austringer 5
Death Marshal 4
Nino 7
Ryle 8
Judge 7

This totals up at 41SS and remember I can take up to 50SS (not that they all will be used as the games are 25, 30 and 35)

So what do you think that I should be looking at to add and fill up the last 9 points?

Francisco and another Death Marshal?
A couple of Guild Guard?
Some totems?
a Watcher?

Let me know what you think and give me some ideas that I might not have realised.

Also I will have new photos soon… I have finished painting 3 Guild Guard, The Lawyer and the Guild Guard Captain and I’m almost finished Ryle and Lucius (hopefully finished tonight) after that I have my secret project which I will put up when they are all complete.

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  1. winter says:

    I’d go at least 1 Witchling Stalker for 4 points… but I am giving away my secrets to the opposition! 😉 I’d also pick up a totem. I’ll be trying to pick up a totem for Lady J just in case I take her over Perdita.

    I only just realised recently that it is quite easy to get Lady J up to 11 CB. Massive!!!


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