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Posted by Lord Shaper on 14 March 2011
Malifoolery One Sydney Malifaux Tournament

Malifoolery One Sydney Malifaux Tournament

Good Games Sydney (opposite Central Station)

3rd April

$10 (pay before the day, details below)

Per Rising Powers and FAQ and Errata. Changes to rules in the new rules handbook WILL NOT BE USED due to the late release of the book and the uncertain availability of the PDF download.

Escalation, 25, 30, 35 soulstones

Fixed Crew, master flexible.

Choosing your Crew:
Each player will have 50 Soulstones worth of models to play with (his “board”), and must submit the list of models to the TO at the start of the day. All models must be from the same faction (with the exception of mercenaries and the usual cross-faction hiring rules for individual masters, i.e. Zoraida). After each scenario is chosen, the player may pick his crew from the models available in his board. The first master is free. All subsequent masters cost 10 soulstones in the board. In this way it is possible to have a choice between the 2 (or more!) masters from your faction to pick from when you know your scenario. Only one master and one henchman may be in any one game, as per the rules for a scrap.

Lady Justice (free)
Lucius (10)
Death Marshal (4)
Death Marshal (4)
Death Marshal (4)
Judge (7)
Nino (7)
Ryle (8)
Watcher (3)
Drill Sergeant (3)
Total: 50 SS

Or, the player may choose to bring in Perdita instead of Lucius, for the same cost. However, Lady J and Perdita may NOT play in the same game.


Drawn by the TO before each game

Players choose 2 schemes per game. The same scheme cannot be chosen more than twice in the day.

10.30 Registration
11.00 Game 1
1.00 lunch
2.00 Game 2
4.15 Game 3
6.15 Tidy up
6.30 Wrap up

The goal of Malifoolery is to make Malifaux accessible for everyone. So, for Malifoolery, there is no requirement to have any particular model. All players should feel free to proxy in whatever model they wish. If you want to use Space Marines to be Outcasts or Lizardmen to be Guild, be my guest – as long as all models are suitable for the role they are playing and can be easily identified, this should not be a problem.

The first round will be randomly drawn, the second will be, as far as practical, a swiss system.

Scoring will be done on a pure VP system, driven by the Scenario and Scheme points scored. A player scores the difference in his VPs each game. For example, a game that finishes 6-2 will score 4 for the winner and -4 for the loser.

All entry costs go directly so prize support.

Stuff to help beginners:
Take a look at the reference sheets here: bringing a printout or two of the sheets will be helpful!

Please see this thread on the Wyrd Forum or on the WargamerAU forum

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