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Posted by Lord Shaper on 6 March 2011
Pay it Forward Ending Soon!

Pay it Forward Ending Soon!

With only a few days to go for Miniature Wargame Conversions Pay it Forward raffle your time is running out on getting involved in a great idea that they are giving back to the wargaming community.

Also once more they have had more items being added to the list of prizes so you can be one of 15 to win now.

As I previously said before all you have to do is click on the Follow button for the Google Friend connect and your in the draw. and just to reiterate again It costs you a total of NOTHING to becoming part of it.

That’s right NOTHING!

You have until March 7th to become a follower of theirs and then you can find out if you win one of the prizes…

And what do you win?

Well it’s increased from my last post about it so check it out.

  • Galaxy Gobbo is offering 2 winners who will each receive a Coupon for 50% off ANYTHING in the store.
  • An Ork Forgeworld Mega Dread WITH both the Kill Kannon Arm and the Rippa Klaw Arm.
  • 2 Battleforce box sets for either 40k OR Warhammer. 1 Battleforce for 1 winner. The winners can pick ANY Battleforce they wish.
  • Sabol army case, details can be found here:
  • KR case, (still working the details on exactly which one or if the winner will have a choice since they offer cases for different games) Info can be found here:
  • 8 Autographed BL books. Ill have the exact list of which ones as soon as they arrive as in the email I was told it would be a surprise “to die for”. I will separate the 8 books into 4 groups allowing 4 separate winners. Each winner of the books will get 2.
  • 1 Bjron the Fellhanded Dreadnought – A donation by a follower! Its for 1 Bjorn the Fell handed dreadnought. Its been opened and stripped but is a great model for any space wolf player or dreadnought lover.
  • Prince Tyrion, High Elf special character:
  • Original starter kit for Khador, pre-plastic models and he may even possibly donate a few more blisters. Ill keep everyone updated.
  • The final follower this month is offering up a nice treat. A brand new in box Imperial Guard Shadowsword/Stormlord Kit!
  • 1 Warhammer Fantasy Boxed army. Yup, an entire boxed army. The selection will be limited to whats on hand at the store and to a fantasy army but other then that, let your selection go wild! There is a SMALL chance it can be for a 40k army but I wont know that until a winner is picked.

So go over and put your entry in by clicking on one box!

Also while your at it you should check out the rest of the stuff going on there. The Sons of Horus is to Die for and with the addition of their Storm Raven it’s really coming together fantastically!

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