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Posted by Lord Shaper on 2 March 2011
Old Stuff Day Part 2

Old Stuff Day Part 2

It’s March the Second and if you remember a movement was launched on Warhammer 39999 called Old Stuff Day. The basic premise is that we go back into their archives and dig out their best stuff that perhaps has fallen away simply because its old.

I really love the idea of people showing off what newer people to the hobby might have missed. I’ve found so many good articles when I find a new site that I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t dug through the archives!

Now I thought what do I want to post up here and was trying to figure out what I wanted to show. With that being said I’ve decided to link up the different things for you so you all can pick and choose at what you want to see.

This time I’m going to be going from Bloodbowl through to Malifaux and a few other things I have came across.

Blood Bowl

Necromantic Team – This is the first team I have put up on line from my Bloodbowl days. To be honest I really need to get photos of my older teams and also get some more games in but Malifaux is the main game I’m playing at the moment. I really need to get my Asterix Britton’s Human Team photographed soon!


Taylor Lady Hammerstrike – I think this figure was put up before my site had as many readers as it does now so no one gave me any feedback on it. I really like the Sculpt on Taylor but I have yet to use her in a game. Also with the Big Hammer she has I couldn’t resist and put the smashed up gravestone where she’s been busy.

Judge, Executioner, Lady Justice and Scales of Justice – This is the first Malifaux Crew I painted up. As always I paint up the “troops” first and then move on to the more powerful characters.

Guild Totems – This is where I went through and finished off Sonnia and Perdita’s Totems. Also with my painting this is the first time I tried going from a darker blue to white which I really think worked out really well.

Austringer, Death Marshals and Francisco – This is the last of what I had for the main Lady Justice force. Since then I have painted most of the Guild but for older posts this is it. I really loved how the Austringer came out as well as I wasn’t expecting the Raptor to look so good!

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