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Posted by Lord Shaper on 2 March 2011
Old Stuff Day Part 1

Old Stuff Day Part 1

It’s March the Second and if you remember a movement was launched on Warhammer 39999 called Old Stuff Day. The basic premise is that we go back into their archives and dig out their best stuff that perhaps has fallen away simply because its old.

I really love the idea of people showing off what newer people to the hobby might have missed. I’ve found so many good articles when I find a new site that I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t dug through the archives!

Now I thought what do I want to post up here and was trying to figure out what I wanted to show. With that being said I’ve decided to link up the different things for you so you all can pick and choose at what you want to see.

First up we’re going to look at what Warhammer 40K stuff I am proud of and want to show off again.


My Tau is the first army that I started when coming back into the Hobby after an 8 year break from it. With my wanting to build an army that I haven’t worked on before I went with the Tau Empire. With that being said I have a lot of it yet to paint but these are some of my favourite Models that have been painted so far.

Ghoul Converted Kroot Hounds – This is the 10 Kroot Hounds that I finished converting and putting together not too long ago.

Crisis Suit and  Objective Marker -This was the Second Crisis Suit that I finished up and also it’s one of the most Dynamic ones that I have posed to date. I do have 3 full squads of Crisis Suits but painting the green took so long on them and as I didn’t use any washes it was a lot of line work and then shading and then highlighting. Also I really loved this Objective Marker. It seems that the Tau are easy to make Objectives for. This one was based on a Flight Stand base and the Entrance that the Fire Warrior is coming out of is actually a Medicine Cup turned upside down with the bottom cut out of it and it really feels “Tau”

Stealth Team – As with every army you end  up buying figures because they look ‘Cool’. That’s what happened when I first picked up the Codex and I decided to get a squad of the XV-15 Stealth Suits. I have used these before but they rarely come off the shelf. I do love the look and paint job on these guys though.

Blood Angels (Knights of the Blood)

Blood Angels was my second army to work on. Again I wanted something I haven’t done in the past and as I went the Dark Angels route back in 2nd Edition I thought Blood Angels should be a different choice.

Blood Angels Terminator Captain/Librarian – I got this idea either from Goat Boy or Jawaballs when they were talking about how cheap you can get a Terminator Librarian for the Knights of the Blood. This one I made with Magnetic parts so I could change between a Commander and Librarian depending on my mood including the ability to change heads on him.

Furioso Dreadnoughts – I had painted up a Furioso Dreadnought with Blood Talons (from Paulson Games) and then managed to win a fully converted and painted Furioso Librarian from Old School Terminator at Dark Future Games. This is the first time the battle brothers were together.

Sanguinary Priests – How can you go wrong with having some Sanguinary Priests in your army. As the Knights of the Blood are mentioned both in the Chaos Codex and the Blood Angels I decided to take them along the slightly tainted look and instead of Jump Packs I gave these guys Possessed Wings… Well they supposed to be Renegades! The Blood Chalices were made by cutting Melta Bombs in half and then pinning them together upside down. A nice simple mod I came across on Heresy Online if I remember correctly.

Librarian and Reclusiarch – These 2 are some of my Favourite within the Blood Angels I’ve done so far. The Librarian has a helmet for once and I kit bashed him together to get the look I wanted. Again the Possessed Wings give the Renegade Chaos type feel to them and I just love them for Characters. The Reclusiarch I painted after reading the first Horus Heresy novel and wanted my own Erebus who is the one who caused the fall of the Knights of the Blood through the Lodges… How can you go wrong with the pre-heresy Word Bearer Colours!


I’ve decided I’m not going to link up any of my Deathwing posts as they have been fairly recent and mainly on the front page… Part 2 will include non 40K stuff I would like people to look at once again!

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  1. Silly Aussies… old stuff day isn’t until tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Hey I get to have a jump on the others as I’m in the future! hehehe


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