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Posted by Lord Shaper on 23 February 2011
Cannot Connect – Ryle Guild Pawn

Cannot Connect – Ryle Guild Pawn

Ryle is an interesting model where he is classed as friendly unless it is the Target of an Talent of Spell from his crew.

This brought some interesting debate on the Wyrd forum of late regarding Lucius’ [0] ability Reinforcements.

As the ability is worded:

Place Friendly model in it’s Controller’s Deployment Zone within 4″ of this model

Now as you can see there it doesn’t target anyone so as written you can move Ryle and have him placed within 4″ of Lucius which for a first turn it will increase his range from 12″ to 24″ on that first turn and then you have another 4″ move to give you a 28″ threat range with the first turn with Ranged Expert so he has 3 separate attacks while shooting.

This can be very devastating after the Ruling was that this is how it is to work.

Someone then said that then there is only a couple of things that can be affected if you’re using Ryle since C. Hoffman can counter that ability.

I don’t believe this is true personally and I thought I’d go through some of the things that can’t be cast or given to him because of his Can’t Connect ability.

  • First up he can’t be Obey’ed by anyone in HIS crew
  • Abuela can not preform a shotgun wedding with him (I don’t think she thinks he’s good enough)
  • Drill Sergeant is unable to link with him or cast “Attennn-Hut” on Ryle
  • Lucius is unable to issue him commands
  • Guild Guard Captain is unable to cast “Attennn-Hut” on Ryle
  • Lady Justice is unable to use “Combate Prowess” on Ryle to give him Melee Expert
  • Death Marshal’s are unable to use Pine Box on him to make an interesting delivery system to get him closer

So there is a lot there that can’t affect him still and some things that I would like to use but can’t… It would be nice to have him activated, shoot 3 times and then have Lucius cast Issue Commands on him and get another shot in.

Making Ryle family would help with an alpha strike as well and giving him Melee Expert would have him ripping things apart in close combat.

So for those that didn’t like that he can be moved within 4″ of Lucius there are still other things he can not do due to Cannot Connect but he’s still slowly becoming someone I like in a crew.

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4 Responses to “Cannot Connect – Ryle Guild Pawn”

  1. Spencer says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Looks like the rules ninjas at the wyrd-games forums have made a ruling. Ryle can be brought forward using this spell. It doesn’t “target” him.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    @Spencer Heh if you look at that thread I’m one of the ones that brought it up… To be honest I do like how that works and as there is other restrictions to him I don’t think it’s overpowering.

  3. winter says:

    Why can’t you cast Obey on him? The only thing you can’t do is lower his duel total to a draw, you are still free to cast the spell on him no?

  4. Lord Shaper says:

    @winter it’s all in the wording of Ryle’s Cannot Connect:

    “This Model is never considered a friendly model to it’s crew for the purpose of selecting a target for Talents and Spells”

    So with that if he is in your crew he can’t be targeted by spells or talents…

    If I had him the one thing that I can see (from how I read it) is that you could Obey him as there is no restrictions on non friendly targeting him


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