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Posted by Lord Shaper on 16 February 2011
Renewal Day March 2nd 2011

Renewal Day March 2nd 2011

Yesterday a movement was launched on warhammer39999 called renewal day. The basic premise is that we go back into their archives and dig out their best stuff that perhaps has fallen away simply because its old.You could use this to bring some more attention to your blogs older material for those who have only just started following and so missed it.

Here are some suggestions from warhammer39999;

  • Posts that you considered special that didn’t receive as much attention as you thought they deserved
  • Content that people liked in the past, but haven’t seen recently
  • Posts you might have created before your site received much traffic, and now deserve to be re-shown
  • Or any content you’re particularly proud of!

I’m going to go through and find some of my earlier posts that I think need to be seen again so if there is something that you liked let me know and I’ll dig it out.

I’m going to try and theme it up a bit to give you links to multiple posts that I feel need some more love so let’s see if you can come up with some as well.

The great thing with this idea is that it’s on the Anniversary of Tales from the Warzone being created as I celebrate it’s 1st Birthday!

I just need to know if I’m suppose to purchase it a gift or it’s to get me one!

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  1. winter says:

    Congrats on 1 year!

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