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Posted by Lord Shaper on 14 February 2011
Special Forces Sunday

Special Forces Sunday

Well it’s back at work today but Yesterday was a day of Malifaux where I managed to get 2 games in testing out some new things with my Guild force.

First game I was facing off against Rasputina and with Scheme and Strategy where I had to get more figures into his half of the board and more people in his deployment zone than he has.

Yes I know that is aiming for all or nothing but I thought it could be done.

First game we were playing 35ss so I started off with this crew:

Guild Crew – 35 – Scrap

Lady Justice — 7 Cache
Governor’s Proxy [2ss]
Lucius [10ss]
Judge [7ss]
Guild Austringer [5ss]
Death Marshal [4ss]
Guild Guard [4ss]

I was testing out the Guild Guard and Lucius with this game having Lucius as a henchman.

I’m not going to go through turn by turn as I want put out the ideas  of what I did with the crew.

Fist up I managed to put Lady J in the box and then moved Lucius up 10″ to call the Death Marshal 4″ ahead of him.  This put him behind cover and less than 3 AP’s away from Raspy so Lady J could pop out and slice and dice.

As I mentioned before this is one of the ideas I had but I just added the extra protection to lady J by having her in the box.

First mistake that I did: Don’t pop out Lady J 3″ away from Rasputina where he base is touching a building… Raspy had her Frozen to the building so all Lady J could do is shoot at her instead of hit.

Lucius worked really well and the star of the game was the Guild Guard who I never noticed that with the extra armour on it made them so resilient to damage.

Lucius also worked really well but there are so many things to remember with him that I would forget… mainly the -1 flip to attack him…

I don’t know if I should have taken more Guild Guard or not and also I should remember to take a Watcher as well to stop deep strikers.

Second game I was up against Somer at 25ss. I decided that I’d play to the strengths of the Lucius and take him as a master. So with that I took this force:

Guild Crew – 25 – Scrap

Lucius — 2 Cache
Governor’s Proxy [2ss]
Guild Austringer [5ss]
Guild Guard [4ss]
Guild Guard [4ss]
Guild Guard [4ss]
Ryle, Guild Pawn [8ss]

Thinking back on it now I should have had the reflip if the Strategy. as we had a Shared Deliver a Message.

Against Gremlins I would recommend not trying to deliver a message to Somer. He sits at the back spawning Gremlins and if he needs to get away he can activate fast and get 15″ further away.

For Schemes I had to Kill Protegee and had a grudge at a standard Gremlin…

The Grudge was my next mistake. I should have went against someone else like Reme as the Gremlins were sacrificing themselves all the time to make more.

This game ended up with me chasing Reme around the board and even with Lucius being terrifying the Gremlins were able to Deliver the message to me and keep me from doing the same.

The one great thing from this game that I pull off was in the last turn… Reme was next to Somer and was fully healed. Lucius was in a position to pull of the Hidden Sniper. To Kill Reme I stated that I would need to flip the Red Joker for damage and then get a Moderate or better on the second flip.

I flipped the second Ram that was needed on the first card. I then burnt my last soul stone to add to the total. Reme couldn’t resist it so when I flipped for damage up came the Red Joker followed by another Severe. Reme Exploded and left a smoking pair of boots and his hat next to Somer who was wondering where he went…

So it was a loss of 8-2 for me but I’m figuring out Lucius more.

One that I didn’t think would work with the Special Forces was Ryle who was a tank marching up the battle field. As we’re waiting for the final ruling on him being able to be pulled up via reinforcements I had him moved up in front of the rest of the force. I would then make sure that there was a Guild Guard sitting right behind him almost touching his base so as he activated he could activate his (0) action to push himself 4″ directly away from the closest living model.

This would let me taking him from a total movement of 8″ to 12″ which is nothing to sneeze at.

Ok that’s enough rambling as I haven’t really thought about what I’m typing and only letting the words flow from my fingers.

Also aside from the games I played I’ve added a new poll to the left.

What Faction do you think I should look at next?

I have all Guild so far but think I should look for something more.

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3 Responses to “Special Forces Sunday”

  1. winter says:

    Nice write up. I will have to give Lucius a try and will keep your lessons in mind.

    Regarding the next faction, which do you like the look of? In my mind, I think the book 1 Resurrectionists are quite good as they are fairly similar to the Guild in that you can intermix the minions.

    Neverborn are also somewhat like this, but only in so much that Zoraida can be used with either Woes (Pandora) or Nephilim (Lilith).

    Arcanists and most of the book 2 models seem only to work with their own subset… Freikorps and Viktorias might be worth a look too, though they might be fairly similar to the Guild…

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Lucius is quickly becoming one of my favourite figures to use. If your playing 25ss you can take him as a master and take up to 29ss worth (I took 27) and on 30+ss you can easily fit him in.

    He could be that Judge replacement that the Executioner wasn’t as well.

    Things to remember when using him:
    1. Don’t rush people out of your deployment since you can use reinforcements later in the game to move someone where you need
    2. Remember the Negative Flips when you’re targeted for ANY attack.
    3. Taking him as a Henchmen lets you have access to all those fun toys in The Guild.
    4. Always try to keep a guardsman nearby. If you have one who is getting hammered on and gets down to 1 wound, if your within 2″ and have moved Lucius already you can bury the Guardsmen for a new activation.

    As for other crews I was first interested in Arcarnists but I have 2 friends collecting them. I am tempted to go Neverborn as I’ll be getting a Coppelius to go with Hoffman down the track.

    And how can you go past Collodi!

  3. winter says:

    I think all of the factions are generally pretty cool. Neverborn do seem to be on the powerful side.

    The main issue I see with Neverborn is that you always need to buy more models with them. None of the starter boxes really have a crew that you can paint up and play with. You have to buy Young Nephilim with Lilith, a whole bunch of stuff for Zoraida (nothing in her box is that great), Pandora needs a Teddy, The Dreamer needs a Teddy and a bunch of day dreams… and as I said, they don’t have much cross over in minions (barring Teddy who seems to be able to go in every list due to awesomeness).


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