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Posted by Lord Shaper on 19 January 2011
Quick Deathwing Update

Quick Deathwing Update

Ok there isn’t going to be any images in this post so if your after more WIP or finished figures then unfortunately there won’t be any. Mainly because I’ve been on Holidays but instead of relaxing and powering through any painting on my table I’ve been looking after the kids while my wife is working so I’m doing all the running around.

That being said it was just after I finished my Thunder Hammer terminators that we received the stroke of brilliance from GW with the update to the Dark Angels Codex to bring it in line with the newer Space Marine codex wargear.

That being said I am now looking for 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers to finish off my updating to the army.

I have bitz on order for a second Belial so I can have him with a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield as well so I’m going to try to keep him as close to my original one but have slight changes as well so you can tell he’s the same character no matter which one I have on the table.

I’m also waiting for parts to make up a Terminator Librarian just so I can have something different than the stock metal figure out there.

Now I’m not going to talk about all the changes that the Dark Angels get with this update as you can find that on almost any blog out there but with everyone redoing Deathwing Army Lists I keep thinking they are over doing the 3++ with the TH/SS Terminators.

I don’t know if it’s me or not but if your taking a 1750 army with only TH/SS you have no Raiders for either Heavy Support or to move your Death Star unit close for an Assault means your lacking some shooting to take out armour from range.

Also I still think you need to have some shooty Terminators as well.

Here’s my idea.

At 1750 I’m planning on having 2 Assault squads (mixture of TH/SS and LC and a CML each) with 1 crusader and one godhammer each. I’m the crusader there is Belial and a Terminator Chaplain . Then there will be 2 shooty squads with a CML each and possibly 1-2 CF depending on the points.

Now if I’m going second, as is the Deathwing want, I’d put EVERYTHING in reserve. That denies any shooting for turn one for my opponent. Now if you have a look at the Deathwing Assault rule in the codex you can half the amount of terminator squads that you have in reserve to teleport in.

So since I have 4 squads in reserve I can put 2 in through DWA. for that I would put 2 shooty squads in on 1-2 objectives and sit back and shoot anyone who came near me.

Then I would look at bringing in the Land Raiders to first support the objective holding squads and then take on the rest of the army.

Now I haven’t tested this yet but if you have any ideas at how I can change it up or why you think going all assault is better let me know.

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