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Posted by Lord Shaper on 11 December 2010
Deathwing Assault – Belial Work in Progress

Deathwing Assault – Belial Work in Progress

Ok I know what your all going to say…

I can hear it already echoing around me…

You said you were going to make up some Genestealer Cultists…

Well after playing around with various lists and then crossing it over to a cost value I think any Imperial Guard list will be out of my price range until the kids have moved out of home and start paying me back for the years of education fees…

So what’s the next thing I can start on which will be a nice small force…

After looking around I kept coming back to Ron’s Deathwing over at From the Warp and also John over at Santa Cruz Warhammer have inspired me.

Since moving I haven’t had time to set up anything for taking photographs but I did take a couple of quick shots of my Belial in progress which also included my first attempt at using Green Stuff so if anyone has any ideas that can help me out with the robes let me know.

And with that said… On with the Photos!

Click image for larger Version

Click image for larger Version

Click image for larger Version

Click image for larger Version

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4 Responses to “Deathwing Assault – Belial Work in Progress”

  1. John says:

    Looking good!

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Thanks for that John… Doing the cloak was a real pain but seeing what your doing as well gave me some inspiration.

  3. Spider-pope says:

    Very impressive, the pose in particular is great. Really gives the impression he’s striding purposely forward.

  4. Lord Shaper says:

    @Spider-Pope Thanks for that. I sat there for about 30 minutes trying to get the best position for his arms to give the best pose. Also the Bark base I was putting him on also had to dictate where he went on it so I’m glad it all came together correctly!

    I’m currently going through and getting the robes tidied up and I’ll then be looking at a belt on him at Ron’s suggestion which I totally forgot about!


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