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Posted by Lord Shaper on 16 November 2010
Still Alive and the Hobby will Come Back

Still Alive and the Hobby will Come Back

Yes I still Exist.

For those that didn’t know I’ve recently moved house and with that haven’t had time to paint, model, scratch or do anything apart from pack , clean and unpack.

With that being said I have had time to plan things.

After thinking about what I can play at the moment and what my friends who play are playing I’m going to have Malifaux as my main game. Which for an update I currently have about 103 Soul Stones of painted Guild at the moment. I still have to take photos of Sonnia’s crew as well as the Ortega’s to show what I have finished so far. I still have some things I want to get for Malifaux as well with some Guild Guard, Another Austringer and I’ve been looking at the Freicorps Box just so I can use them with the Guild at some point rather than run them as their own crew.

Now with that being said my 40K armies are going to be put on the back burner but only in the gaming sense. I will keep painting and modeling them up but since I’m not having to get everything finished I can do it at my own pace which means I won’t get over them if I haven’t finished painting or modeling. This in turn also will not have me get over painting Red or Green over and over again.

Also while sitting here and thinking about what I used to have and what I don’t have any more I’ve found myself missing my old 2nd Edition Genestealer Cultists.

This was back before the Citadel Journal came out with the changes to them and when you could have Imperial Guard Land Speeders even though Guard couldn’t get them (I would tell people we stole them all). Now I don’t have those figures anymore and I’ve shocked myself when I went and checked on ebay for Hybrids…

So I’m going to convert up a squad of guard to be cultists since I haven’t seen it done yet. I know the majority of people who do a Guard conversion generally do Traitor Guard but I’m thinking Cultist Guard may be an idea.

If anyone has seen it before let me know so I can check out what people have done. I’m going to start with one squad and go from there.

And for the record I was always against the changes from the 2nd Edition rules to what came out in the Journal… I hated the idea of the Limo with the Patriarch in it… I prefer to see them infiltrating into an imperial society and from there getting to the military and taking over.

Anyway as soon as I can set up some area to take photos again I’ll have some real painting updates!

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