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Posted by Lord Shaper on 25 October 2010
Malifaux Tactics – Lady Justice

Malifaux Tactics – Lady Justice

Now I’ve been away a bit of late since we are to be moving house in a week and a half so with all the packing and getting a little painting done I’ve mainly been planing how to use Lady Justice to her best. Now I know my games have been lacking of late but I’ve used these to success.

First up I’ll mention one that Bill from The Dead Tau Project had mentioned to me but I haven’t tried yet.

Lady J in the Box:

The idea of this strategy is to get a Death Marshal and put use the Pine Box ability to put Lady J into the Box and then run up the Death Marshal and get her closer to the enemy to charge and get into combat while keeping her protected. Since you can choose to fail the Wp battle it’s simple to put her in there.

I haven’t used this yet since we seem to play with a lot of terrain I have always had some cover to hide her in.

Screening Marshals:

This is the main tactic I use. When playing I generally have 3-4 Death Marshals in my crew at 35ss so with that many I would leave 2-3 of them as a screen for Lady J. You have them about 2-3 inches in front of Lady J but when you do so make sure that there is a gap under 30mm between each of them.

This mean that you can not have someone charge through the gap to get at Lady J and also means that you can tie up anything or use them as a Gun Line and get some wounds on them before moving one up and getting a charge through at the enemy.

Also with this tactic you can keep Lady J in cover and out of Line of Sight because she is one of the few figures that doesn’t need LOS to do a charge.

Now with this tactic there are a couple of things you need to remember first up:

  • Never charge a model that has not activated
  • Generally leave Lady J to activate last
  • If you have a good chance to kill at the start of the next turn use all you can to get the initiative so you can get first attack

One thing that I have noticed is I generally have between 7-9 figures so there are some I can use as delaying tactics to see what the enemy is going to do.

Manipulating Fate:

This is a strategy that I haven’t seen many people use Watchers and the Scales of Justice. I have started using 2 Watchers and the Scales as a delaying tactic but also it helps me plan how the fates are going to swing for you.

Watcher’s are the card control for The Guild. With a 2 activation ability to look at the top 2 cards of your Fate deck and put the cards on the top and bottom of the deck as you see fit in any order is an overlooked ability.

Combine one Watcher with the Scales of Justice you can look at the top 2 cards of your Fate deck then use the Scales to discard one card and draw a new one (that you just placed on the top) and the next activation would be the other Watcher to have the next 2 cards from your Fate deck stacked how you want.

Having that Red Joker sitting on the top of your deck or if someone uses an ability to stack the cards on your deck means you can move them away from the low card I’ve also used the Watchers to put the Black Joker into my hand so I wouldn’t draw it at all.

The one good thing doing this which I have used is facing someone like Marcus who can activate most of his crew in the first 2-3 actions of the turn you now know where they are going for all other members of your crew.

There are more out there so let me know what you think I’ve missed and what should be added!

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