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Posted by Lord Shaper on 14 October 2010
Malifaux – Austringer, Francisco and Death Marshals

Malifaux – Austringer, Francisco and Death Marshals

In my planning out my Guild Crew I have been told by Nix over at the Dead Tau Project and The Gamers Lounge Podcast that I need to get an Austringer for my Crew. Since I have been using a lot of CC for my crew I didn’t have enough range to be able to weaken the enemy as they are getting into charge range so I’ve finished painting up My Austringer, Francisco Ortega and my last 2 Death Marshals.

The Marshals I kept in the same colours but decided to change the spiritual flames from the box as well as the coffins so they have a different look to the other 4 I have.

I think the Blue flames look out better but I’m still happy with them.

Francisco was another edition I wanted for the crew. For his 5ss he had a lot of good CC potential.

Lastly the Austinger. I really like how he came out and he does fit in with the marshals and the black hat and coat does add to his elite status.

I have finished up Nino and the Governors Proxy since taking these photos so I’m going to try to get the rest of the Ortega’s finished and then upload all the photos at once.

I’ve also some good stratergy ideas that I have been using to a moderate success I will be posting in a couple of days.

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2 Responses to “Malifaux – Austringer, Francisco and Death Marshals”

  1. Bill@GL says:

    Looking good. I think you will enjoy the Austringer, I find he is a must have in my crew. I just started using Francisco before switching over to Rasputina and I found he is a nice fit with the Death Marshals overall. I am not sure I like him as a direct replacement for the Judge, but in a larger game he is a great add.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    I’ve found having Francisco as an addition to my crew really helped.

    We are still playing 35ss which gives you more variation which really helps.

    He didn’t do any major damage the last game I had but it pecked away and helped me kill of Miranda who was my scheme with Grudge.

    The last game I played was against Marcus and I ran this:

    Lady J
    2x Death Marshals
    2x Watcher

    6ss left over.

    I’ll send you an email about the strategy as I’d like to see how you go with running something like that.

    For the Watchers I’m using the Mynock figures from the Star Wars miniature game that I picked up for $2.50 each so it was worth it for a proxy.


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