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Posted by Lord Shaper on 9 September 2010
On the Painting Table Update 9/9/2010

On the Painting Table Update 9/9/2010

So many plans with so little time…

As you can see by want I’ve been putting up here for the last few months, I have been painting more than playing with I could say maybe 2 games in 3 months at the most.

That is excluding the many games of Crossbows and Catapults that I have been playing with my son, but that is more about knocking things down than tactics…

BTW if you haven’t check out Crossbows and Catapults it’s a great game to get kids into gaming… Set up your barricades and from there try to knock down the opponents ones!

So a few weeks ago we had my first Malifaux game which I loved… since then I have been going over the rules and realizing everything that I missed when running Lady Justice. One thing I have to get into my head is that I don’t have to be base to base to be in Close Combat but hopefully I’ll sort that out this weekend when we play again.

I have finally put together the last 2 Death Marshals and also have Taelor assembled and ready for priming which I want to try to get Taelor painted so I can have some choices for the up coming 35 point game but that also means that I need more primer… Which I will get later.

Apart from that I still have a ton of Tau waiting for me to get back to as well as my Knights of the Blood.

With the Knights I also have been painting up some Sternguard which I am painting up as Death Watch since the RPG has got me interested in them and also I’ve been thinking that I can use them as Tactical Marines when I get the guys interested in some Special Ops: Killzone which Big Jim has been working on over at Galaxy in Flames.

This really has me interested as I was a huge fan of Necromunda and getting a skirmish game of 40K which some of the guys I’m playing Malifaux can  get a less figures and not an army to try would be great. Also after coming from starting off in second edition we get the return of overwatch and some of the other mechanics that I knew and loved.

With the Deathwatch I have only finished one marine which I managed to screw up 3 decals on the shoulder… I really need to remember what I’m doing there and I also showed myself I can’t do a Black Templar logo at all. I also have done a Librarian which I used the Inquisitor in Power Armour with the helmet to represent him. I really love that figure and will have to get some photos of him soon!

So there’s lots to do! Half a Marine army, the majority of a Tau army and 3 Malifaux figures… I think Malifaux will be done first!

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2 Responses to “On the Painting Table Update 9/9/2010”

  1. Faolain says:

    I LOVED Crossbows and Catapults as a kid. Glad to see it’s still around.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    I loved it too… I found it for $10 a couple of years back and picked it up for my son…

    We used to double up the rubber bands and get stronger ones for longer shots too…

    And it helps that we have floor boards here to so we can play it wherever!

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