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Posted by Lord Shaper on 23 August 2010
More Malifaux Lady Justice Crew Completed

More Malifaux Lady Justice Crew Completed

As I mentioned before I’ve been enthused with painting up my Guild and with only 2 more figures to go for my current crew (before I give it multiple options) I thought I’d show you all the work that has been competed so far.

I’ve been having a good run of a figure a night (and with the Death Marshals I was doing 2 a night) and that’s with giving them more care that I would with generic Marine 4 or Kroot number 16.

The one thing I like about these is that you can treat all of them as a special character since you are using a minimum of figures.

Also this passed Sunday I got to take them out on the battlefield where we had a 3 way game between Rasputina, Marcus and Lady Justice…. Now that was a nasty learning curve hehehe and even though I lost (I had all but 2 figures die in turn 5) I’m developing some tactics for it for the next game.

I’ll put up the pictures of the figures and in a couple of days I’ll have some from the battle with some basic explanation.

All I can say is that Hamelin is the one who turned the game around from me in the lead with my Raid! mission until he started his Black Death spell!

I will get my revenge!

On with the Pictures… Sorry about the lighting as my lighting Fu has abandoned me!

Click for larger pictures as per usual!

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