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Posted by Lord Shaper on 17 May 2010
Super Blog Give Away Winner!

Super Blog Give Away Winner!

So it’s Monday somewhere in this great world and it’s time for me to announce who the winner of the Super Blog Give Away is!

After looking at all the entries I’ve decided after a long deliberation that the winner is going to be Schnitzel.

So Congratulations Schnitzel and I’ll be picking up a box of Khorne Berzerkers for you in the next couple of days. What you need to do now is send me an email to lordshaper AT lordshaper DOT com and everyone else gets the change to win a Razerback by going over to and enter into his contest as soon as he puts it up!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the competition and now you’ve got Schnitzel’s and whoever win’s over at Team Snake Eyes and yet again we need to thank Santa Cruz Warhammer for starting the whole thing off!

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One Response to “Super Blog Give Away Winner!”

  1. Schnitzel says:

    Thanks a ton man, I’m shooting you an e-mail now.

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