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Posted by Lord Shaper on 17 May 2010
Knights of the Blood Sanguinary Guard Started

Knights of the Blood Sanguinary Guard Started

As the next step I wanted to finally get started on my Sanguinary Guard and yet again I wanted them to be different from the traditional Sanguinary Guard that everyone seems to be doing with either the Metallic or Non Metallic Gold.

So since I’m using the Knights of the Blood the idea behind them is they as they are slowly going down with the curse and as the blood lust is taking over they stain their armour with the blood of their enemies. This is one of the many things that has other marines thinking they have turned and also one of the reasons they were classed as Renegades.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy seems to be how the Knights of the Blood have been treated since the last Legion who did something similar turned with Horus during the Heresy.

With the fluff out of the way let’s show you some photos.

I currently have one finished and one in progress, the In progress one needs it’s highlighting done to be finished and from there I’ll only have 3 more to go.

Click for larger Image

Click for larger Image

Click for larger Image

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3 Responses to “Knights of the Blood Sanguinary Guard Started”

  1. capn wigglez says:

    The red really “pops” and looks stunning.. mind sharing how you did it?

  2. Rick says:

    Those look great….I am very impressed by how your army looks.

  3. Lord Shaper says:

    For the Red I’m using a Tamiya X-27 Clear Red (which is Acrylic) which I put on like a wash over a white undercoat.

    From there I’ll put the base down for the rest, Black, Dheneb Stone, Emerald Green and then give a liberal wash with Badab Black.

    Then I’ll go over and highlight the Red with Blood Red and the bone with Dheneb Stone followed by a light Bleached Bone.

    The Green is drybrushed with Emerald Green and then a lighter drybrush with Scorpion Green.

    I hope that helps!


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