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Posted by Lord Shaper on 12 May 2010
Blood Talons Arrive!

Blood Talons Arrive!

Now I get a lot of things in the mail on a weekly basis and my wife is always questioning what is it I have picked up now but today I got home from work to get a surprise.

So I get home today to find a package waiting for me. As I am waiting on some bitz to arrive and since they will be at least another week and I know there is a box of comics waiting for me to pick up at the Post Office so it wasn’t that so I was wondering what could it be.

So after getting kids to bed I was able to open it up and to my surprise the Blood Talons that I had ordered from Paulson Games had arrived. Now I ordered them a few weeks before the Pre-order was closed so they had gone to the back of my mind so it was a great thing to find waiting.

So what do you get?

Click on Image for larger picture

So as you can see the pair come in 10 parts. The 2 hands and the 8 talons. So I cleaned up the flash on them and then washed the Resin as I always do when I’m using resin pieces.

Click on Image for larger picture

The next thing I wanted to do is to add some magnets to them so I can swap out weapon loads at will on my dreadnought. As I had the arms ready and waiting for the talons to arrive I just used a 3mm drill bit and slowly drilled enough into the back that the magnet would fit nicely into it. Then making sure I had the correct polarization of the magnets I glued them in place.

Click on Image for larger picture

As you can see the base of the Talon fits nicely on the arms with magnets.

Click on Image for larger picture

Click on Image for larger picture

So the next thing was to add the Talons into the base. These fit easily and with a touch of glue quickly fit in to be in place firmly.

So with that done I’m left with the finished product which just needs to be undercoated and then painted when I get the nerve up to doing that model!

Click on Image for larger picture

Click on Image for larger picture

Click on Image for larger picture

Let me know what you think in the comments and if you want your own set remember to go over to Paulson Games and order your own set!

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4 Responses to “Blood Talons Arrive!”

  1. Schnitzel says:

    Got mine a couple days ago. Ridiculous amount of flash on ’em, but easy enough to clean up. Like ’em a lot.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    I didn’t think the flash was that bad since most of it was a thin wafer which you could just pull off with your fingers.

    I just made sure I was careful when I was removing the larger parts where the resin would have been poured.

    I kept thinking that I was going to break one of the blades but I was wrong on that account.

  3. Rick says:

    They look nice….just don’t the an extra venerable dread laying around to add the talons to.

  4. Lord Shaper says:

    I picked up an Ironclad for this one since it has the 2 arms that I could use. I’m also thinking of putting together the other arms/weapons so I can do multiple weapon loads.

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