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Posted by Lord Shaper on 10 March 2010
For those that don’t know what I do…

For those that don’t know what I do…

Since there has been an increase of traffic to Tales from the Warzone I though I’d mention some other project I have on board as well. Apart from my returning to Wargaming I’ve been a Huge comic book fan for over 20 years. I currently run a comic news, reviews and whatever I feel like website called The Furnace which can be found at Also I write reviews for the Comic Company Dynamic Forces with a couple of reviews coming out each month.

Apart from that I have been dabbling in writing over the past couple of years with my first 2 page story being published by Archaia Studio Press in the Hard Cover for the comic Revere by Grant Bond and Ed Levallee. My second story is coming out in the Hard Cover for Titanium Rain which also is coming out from Archaia in the next month or so which was also co-written with Josh Finney who is the writer on the main storyline.

I have just finished up the second part of my Titanium Rain story for the second Hard Cover and am waiting for editorial to come back on then hopefully have any changes made in the near future.

Apart from that I’m a father 2 of kids, Malachi who’s 6 and Annalissa who’s 3 and work in Telecommunications.

I also do 2 Podcasts on a semi regular basis with the first being Kryptographik and the second being Welcome to Heavenside. Both of those are Comic based if you have an interest in Comics.

If your wanting to ask me something feel free to leave a comment or to shoot me an email to furnace AT lorshaper DOT com

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