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Posted by Lord Shaper on 8 March 2010
Ultimate Dungeons & Dragons Room

Ultimate Dungeons & Dragons Room

From boingboing:

The Burntwire Brothers remodeled a room to house their collection of D&D paraphernalia as well as a place to hold game sessions. There are stained glass windows, faux dungeon walls, a metal portcullis, dragon statuettes and a rack of swords. As if the place needs more atmosphere, the Dungeon Master can control the room’s lighting, a fog machine and a strobe from his or her seat at the table.

If only we had the time and room to make this out Gaming Den!

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2 Responses to “Ultimate Dungeons & Dragons Room”

  1. ColCorbane says:

    Time to kick out one of the kids and gag the wife, I want one of those rooms!

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    I sent the link to my wife and she liked it so I might be able to get one of those rooms at some point!

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